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MaxMara Weekend Sophistication

Tailored by hand in Italy, these new coats and jackets from Max Mara are lightweight, soft and luxurious.

Ultimately it is the SHAPE that this soft, pliable fabric gives you,
suppressing the waistline, softened curves, flattering lines —
reminiscent of the elegance...
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Ascot Collar - Peach Stripe

Ascot Collar – Peach Stripe

Introducing the Ascot collar: designed to be worn with a jacket but sans cravat, it is a hybrid wide-spread button-down, with the dignity and flair of a dress shirt, but an unhurried studiousness that a sportshirt needs.

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Spring Sport Coats at Nick Hilton Princeton


Nick Hilton Black Label Silk/Wool/Linen Grey Windowpane $750

Hand tailored exclusively for us from the finest sport jacketing in the world — Silk, wool and linen blends from E. Thomas, Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis — these are the best fabric value anywhere, and...
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Celebrate Spring with Colorful Cottons at Nick Hilton

Our own, Made-in-Italy, fully-fashioned, long sleeve Pima crew neck… Shirt? Sweater? You decide. In 6 colors. The perfect spring-into-summer top for beach or back yard.

Cotton Cashmere quarter-zip sweater from Alan Paine of England. The gentleman’s preferred golf top, with the luxurious touch of a...
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Nick Hilton for Her: M Missoni

New This Spring! Dresses from M Missoni

From the Italian maestro of the knit, these spring pieces are colorful and luxurious. Made of cotton and silk blends, they have the distinctive shape and detail that made the Missoni name synonymous with casual chic the world over.

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1969 - The Revolution Takes Shape

Someone could write a book about Alan Abrams. I mean he’s at least as interesting a character as Frank Abagnale, Jr., the Catch Me If You Can guy. Maybe I’ll do it; in my next life. I wonder what happened to him, assuming he ever got out...
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Langrock - Princeton: Case Study in Retail Darwinism





We think of ourselves as a kind of successor store to the legendary Langrock, especially with fall – and the feeling for tweed, and football games in the crisp cool air, and Nassau Street with the huge oaks turning to russet – coming on.  So the question...
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Ralph Lauren and Halston Meet "The Experts" - A Tragicomedy in 2 Acts


Read this as a philosophical comment on the possibility of being totally wrong when you’re completely right; or it might be a comment on the nature of a certain generation of Italian men; maybe you’ll see in it a depiction of the self-assurance of a young designer that is emblematic...
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